We are pleased to share that limited in-person real estate activities, including private showings, home inspections and appraisals are once again permitted in Pennsylvania. We look forward to continuing to serve you with the highest level of service while keeping your safety our top priority. As we navigate through this transition together please review the following guidelines we will be following to ensure your safety:

  • All in-person meetings are by appointment only.
  • In-person meetings are limited to 2 persons maximum in addition to your agent.
  • Protective facial masks are required.
  • A window of 30 minutes between showings is required to ensure proper sanitation & reduce cross-contamination between parties.
  • Written health screenings are required before in-person meetings and are to be renewed when 24 hrs has lapsed between the previous screening.


  • Tour a property in-person before submitting an offer.
  • Attend the closing of your home to reduce any uncertainty.
  • This updated plan is likely to result in increased inventory as sellers feel more comfortable listing their home on the market


  • Buyers can now tour your home with us so we can highlight firsthand the unique features of your home.
  • An increase in active buyers means more eyes on your property. 
  • We are now able to host virtual open houses at your property with the ability to answer questions live and showcase your home in its best light. 

How our team can serve you 

Keeping our community safe

While we are excited to get back to helping our clients find their place in the world, please be advised that our team’s first priority is still keeping our community safe. We will continue to practice social distancing guidelines as outlined by the CDC and utilize PPE including face masks, booties, and hand sanitizer during all meetings that take place within your home.

Expanded suite of virtual services

We will continue to offer all virtual services services if searching from the safety of your home is preferred. Additionally, we can now offer private FaceTime and Zoom tours if that is preferred, as well as in-person showings. Contact us to learn more about the full suite of Virtual Services our team is offering to keep you connected during your home search.

Keeping up with the market

The spring market is still moving despite the effects of COVID hitting the city in mid-March. We are prepared to answer whatever questions you may have regarding how the current situation is impacting inventory, sales, and rates.

Contact us directly at [email protected] with any questions you have about the updated real estate practices in Pennsylvania and how it impacts your home selling or buying process.

Stay positive. Stay healthy.

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