Recently, On the Square Real Estate hosted a few of our Mom clients for a small gathering at Wax & Wine (BYOB candle making – not hair removal). In between discussing schools, work, and mixing candle scents, we opened into a discussion of biggest turn-ons and turn-offs when looking for a new home. And because we know who run the world, heed the following advice of these super mommas:

1. Take down those heavy drapes and let the sunshine in!

While it can’t always be helped, natural light is a big plus for a property. And if the property lacks good natural lighting, make sure the paint colors are on the lighter side to make the home feel bright.

2. Fifty Shades of Gray

Lighter color palettes of whites & grays are an attractive feature for these Moms. Need a suggestion for your own grayscale room? My go-to shade is Repose Grey by Sherwin Williams.

3. Location, Location, Location

While the reasons may vary from Momma to Momma, they all agreed that proximity to city conveniences such as a playground, market, retail and restaurants are important to feeling connected in the community.

4. Cooperative Kitchens 

Not only do these Moms want to see and hear their children while they are multi-tasking throughout the house, they want kitchens that communicate well with the living room so they don’t miss a beat of family time when they are prepping meals or packing lunches.

5. “Do Nothing” homes

These Mommas are busy enough schlepping kids, organizing playdates and balancing work with home life — they do not want to add “general contractor” to their list of obligations. They want a turn-key “Do-nothing” home — OR a significant savings on a “Do-Everything” home that they can make exactly what they want it to be.

6. Construction-free guest rooms

They want bedrooms that are actually bedrooms. Using your guest room as a private gym or home theater? Not a problem — but avoid removing walls, adding excessive built-ins or anything else which would require buyers to spend big money to make it work for their kiddos.

7. Bag the carpet

Carpeting is a turn-off and please, please remove it from bathrooms!

8. Get Smart

“Alexa, turn on lullabies in Jon’s room.”

“Alexa, set night time alarm.”

Smart homes are for both convenience and luxury, and these Moms want both. While listing the various Smart Home accessories and apps the discussion turned to the TOTO Washlet toilet — the latest in toilet innovation. The eco-friendly TOTO Washlet acts as a body and bowl sanitizer, seat warmer and the ultimate in bathroom comfort.

Parents with young children are a central part of many real estate transactions. 37% of home buyers in 2018 had 1 or more child under the age of 18 at home, and the most likely generation (61%) to have children (GenX-ers ages 38-51) also purchased the highest median priced homes. This would make their opinions on home features pretty relevant for today’s sellers. So whether you are getting ready to sell your house or are thinking ahead to resale — consider these buyer preferences.  Afterall, the next generation of Moms are the largest percentage of home buyers overall — the millennials.



Source: Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report – 2018.  Published by National Association of Realtors Research Department.