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Mary Genovese Colvin began her career in Residential Real Estate thirty-three years ago. Mary has since served as President of Binswanger Company’s Residential Division and as President of Friia & Company, a successfully run family business with offices in California, Hawaii and Montana.

Realtors do much more than simply assisting in selling homes. In the process of working with clients, Mary Genovese Colvin becomes a trusted advisor. She can refer the best doctors, she can be your “go to” source for her knowledge and guidance of Philadelphia. She works 24 hours/ 7 days a week, always going the extra mile. Mary Genovese-Colvin of Compass Pennsylvania LP would not have it any other way.

“My clients hire me to do my best and nothing is more important than customer service.”

Real Estate Transactions are among the biggest investments people make in a lifetime. “I feel there is no time for amateurs and certainly no time to cut corners. I know just how important my role is to buyers/sellers.

  • Simon Barker-Benfield

    Mary has an amazing and very reassuring depth of knowledge of the market. She and Margaux put that to work on our behalf with focus, energy and determination.

  • Farid Naib

    Mary gets the deal done. She can handle any issue that comes up, calmly and efficiently. We had all sorts of issues, from financing to inspection results. Mary was capably resolved very problem. She has a incredible work ethic, and I would trust her on any transaction    

  • Mark Rutledge

    Our experience with Mary and Margaux was excellent from the first phone call right through the settlement meeting. We were looking for an agent that was professional and savvy, and one that we could trust. We wanted an agent that would provide an honest, fact-based, and realistic recommendation on pricing our home - not an artificially high price to entice us that would do more harm than good to the marketability of our home, but a price that would maximize our return. On-line reviews led us to Mary and Margaux and we're glad we found them. They make a powerful team - knowing how to combine their unique skills in an efficient and complementary way. They are honest and professional - they earned our trust quickly. They are experienced - which means they are confident and composed at the critical times in the selling process. They were open to listening to our ideas on the key selling points of our property and to our desired level of communication. They have a very strong team, with a special call-out to Scott. After seeing Scott conduct an open house for us, it was clear he is also a top-notch agent. Overall, a very solid experience leading to a successful result. We would highly recommend you consider the selling team of Mary and Margaux

  • Howard J. Sacks, CFP® – Senior Vice President – Investments

    I have used Mary G. for all of my real estate transactions over the past 25 years. She has always guided me with great integrity, creativity and effectiveness.

  • Paige Jaffe

    Mary and Margaux have now represented us in multiple transactions. They have helped us sell and purchase two homes. Mary and Margaux are always very professional and honest. They will go above and beyond to make the process seamless. They both know the city of Philadelphia like the back of their hand and can provide detailed information at all times.

  • Frank Donaghue, CEO, Friends of the Orphans

    I have bought and sold more than 6 homes in Rittenhouse Square. It wasn’t until my last few transactions when I met Mary and Margaux did I understand that I was now dealing with the best. They define customer service and professionalism. I laugh at the ads that say, “we sell the most, or largest number of condo sales”. When I am buying or selling my most significant possession, my home, I want the best, the most professional, someone that treats my property and my needs as their own. I want Mary and Margaux. Someone that sells the most in no way means they serve the seller or the buyer the best. What I learned from Mary and Margaux is that I was not just one more appointment in a busy schedule. They really cared about what I wanted; they listened very carefully to my needs. I never felt like I was being pushed into a deal I didn’t feel right about. I certainly never felt it was just about getting the sale or the deal done. With Mary and Margaux it is all about a relationship that is why so many of their clients are still both clients and friends for life.

  • Kathi Wennell and Mark Wennell, Partner US Ernst & Young LLP

    My husband and I were suburban empty nesters, looking to live in the city for at least a year. We wanted a furnished place in the Rittenhouse Square area, not far from my husband’s employer. Mary showed us many properties that fit our criteria over the course of two weekends. We settled on a dream property in a dream location, a unit in Two Liberty Place. Mary was very efficient with our time and effective in finding exactly what we wanted. She made moving to the city and finding a new home very easy!

  • Steve & Leslie Levick

    On our property, Mary and Margaux brought us realistic prospective buyers and in a consistent manner. They worked with us on timing of appointments and in getting house ready. Bids were all represented in the ballpark we asked for. After contract they helped us find contractors to complete necessary repairs.  

  • Fred L. Morlok

    Mary Genovese Colvin knows Philadelphia. She lives just a few blocks from my Delancey Place residence. There are no unimportant questions as far as Mary is concerned. She treats every question with the utmost attention. Her response is usually immediate. She will always get back to you sooner than she promised. I had an issue after the sale. Mary took care of that too. I could not ask for anything more.

  • Luana and Dan Neducsin

    The real estate marketplace can be a daunting challenge in Center City. Clearly, Mary Genovese Colvin and Margaux Pelegrin represent a deep understanding of this market, and a definitive commitment to the client by providing solid research, substantial core comparisons, realistic appraisal and deep knowledge of what the current real estate market will bear. This, in turn, provides the client with confidence and assurance that things will be handled to the best possible professional level. We have sold a number of important homes in the center city marketplace over the past 30 years, and Ms Colvin and Ms Pelegrin have been our consistent choice to represent these sales.

  • James Colleran, ESQ. – The Colleran Firm

    My wife and I contacted Mary and made known to her what we were looking for. She saved our time by directing us to properties we liked and considered buying. In a short time, Mary found exactly what we were seeking and we bought our residence. Margaux was very involved in the entire process and gave us helpful referrals to contractors for modifications we wanted to make. Both Mary and Margaux know the market, are very professional, have good common sense and looked out for our interests. Our experience with them was refreshingly positive.

  • Kathleen Wickman Epstein, President and CEO, Medtelligence, LLC

    Searching for and purchasing a new home should be an enjoyable and exciting experience. All too often it comes with frustration and disappointment. Mary and Margaux are true professionals, always researching the right properties and never wasting your valuable time looking at properties that aren’t on your target list. The comprehensive and personalized work of this team is something that potential Philadelphia home buyers and renters should experience first-hand.

  • Jane Ahn & Carl Park

    I couldn't recommend Mary more highly. Mary's knowledge of the market is encyclopedic and her timely responsiveness is almost inhuman! She also has a strong command of negotiation skills that puts you at ease during what can be a stressful real estate transaction process. I would most certainly enlist her help again in the future.      

  • Mark & Kathi Wennell

    Mary was outstanding during the entire process. She knows and understands the local real estate market and is well networked. She was also very knowledgeable of and proficient in navigating the paperwork associated with the transaction. Finally, she was very prompt and responsive to all requests. We would highly recommend her services to others seeking real estate in the Rittenhouse neighborhood.

  • Dr. Nancy Needham – President, Global Initiatives, Inc.

    I think Mary knows every residence in Center City. Her knowledge is unsurpassed. Whether as a buyer or a seller, with Mary as our agent, I always know she will be professional, competent, honest and fun to work with. I have worked with Mary on eight deals, and all were handled professionally. I can recommend her highly and with enthusiasm.

  • Neil Thall, CEO – Acsis, Inc.

    We moved from Atlanta to Philadelphia with little knowledge of the city or its real estate market. Through a thorough discussion, Mary determined the areas that would be best for us to live, and the buildings that would most likely satisfy our needs. Her knowledge of the city, plus her understanding of our requirements, allowed us to identify, and close, on our home quickly and easily. After living here a year, we now know that Mary guided us to exactly the right area and the right property for us. Mary is both professional and personable. She assisted us to become acclimated to the city, becoming both an advisor and valued friend.

  • Mick Merritt Jr. & Dale He

    "I can't say enough positive things about Mary and Margaux. They provided so much valuable advice every step in the process. They also have a network of great referrals for services and professionals that was so helpful for a family who recently moved to Philly."